Things have changed since the early 1990s when the Regular Tour
launched in 1993 - to celebrate the "Access" Links386 game. There
were various pay as you go tours based in the USA - the ELPL being

In 1996 the ELPL software was gifted to Alan Hunter to allow free games. This new tour was called Dolinks - and this is where I got involved in administration of both tours.

The Regular Tour and Dolinks soldiered on despite the falling away of
players to other formats, for example LinksLS and EA Tiger Woods.
With the coming of Windows 2000 and Windows XP - getting the the old program to run was an issue. This has been solved by using Dosbox - and now Links386/LinksPro can be played on a Vista/WinXP/Win2000/Linux platform.

There are few of us left to play the original game - the one that coincided with the development of the Web. However, we still enjoy it.
Copyright 2008 John Eastwood